Sunday June, 10th :: Keith Moon Ketamine Extravaganza!, Big Waves of Pretty, Public by Default

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Big Waves of Pretty

Public by Default

Can’t find Keith Moon’s bandcamp to embed with, hit me up if you see this boys!



Show Recap :: The Blue Letter

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I’m not really sure where to start this one seeing as how this was nearly a month ago so I’m just going to jump right in.  The Blue Letter show was really great.  It marked a few ‘firsts’ for me including the first Rival Era show in Wausau in neraly two years and the first time I attempted (and sort of succeeded) crowd surfing in our quaint little venue.  For a Sunday night the show was packed.  I opened up the show with Rival Era which was great because the other two bands are phenomenal and we still had some old friends stop by to catch us as well as quite a few who had never seen us before.  Speaker Eater followed, if I recall correctly they played a brand new song which they had never played before at this show.  It may or may not be on that new release coming out, you’d have to ask them.  Finally the Blue Letter (Richmond, VA) came on stage with a menacing wall-to-wall display of amps, lights,  and potentially the biggest rack and pedalboard I’ve ever seen.  They started the set amidst the chatter of the crowd, blending sustained organ like tones and swelling bass.  The vocals roared in with pummeling guitars…and…then..blackness.  We dropped the ball and tripped the circuit.  After a brief intermission to run the power going to the bass amp upstairs, The Blue Letter picked up right where they left off and played an extremely impressive set of down-tempo screamo and post-hardcore.  I’ll stop clouding your judgement with genre tags now and just let you listen to the live track of their set from this show.  Enjoi.

P.S. – Unfortunately I am lacking media to attach to posts about the other two shows we’ve had since then but as soon as I dig up some pictures we’ll be back with some more show recaps.

-Ti Leu

Speaker Eater

Rival Era

The Blue Letter :: Sun. April 15th and a St. Patty’s Revisitation

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Hey everyone!  It has been a while since I’ve made a post on here, boring real life stuff takes a priority sometimes and I tend to get behind on these things.  Anyways, our first of three Stank is happening in less than two weeks and it is going to be killer!  First let me have a chance to say that yes, we do realize this is another Sunday show.  My response?  We can’t help it when awesome bands tour.  This time we are hosting The Blue Letter from Richmond, VA.  The Blue Letter plays a blend of post-rock influenced 90’s screamo in the vein of Envy and Cult of Luna.  They have had eight releases since their debut in 2004, their newest Love is not Control was released earlier this year on Init Records.  Joining The Blue Letter will be Stanky vets Speaker Eater and Rival Era, playing their first Wausau show in two years.

Stream The Blue Letter’s album Love is not Control on their website:

As for the Aseethe, Atrocity Solution, and Public by Default show on St. Patrick’s day, from what I can remember it was awesome!  First off, Public By Default played two Wausau shows in one night, this one and one at the PI with Octopus and Hare Krishna Stompbox.  This was Aseethe’s second visit to The Stank and the first non-local band we have had play multiple shows.  I honestly love watching these guys play.  Experiencing and Aseethe show is something like a mental and audible massage.  Atrocity Solution played their first show in several months and their first on some new material.  No green beer was had, but good times were.


Atrocity Solution

Public by Default

Additionally, The Stank blog will soon be adding a weekly Stanky recipe from our family brunches and such.

…Coming soon, Pat’s Stanky Apples!

-Ti Leu

Aseethe (IA) & Atrocity Solution :: Sat. 3/17/12 + March-April Schedule

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Hey there ladies and gentlepunks, we are finally ready to announce some exciting things!  First off, we have ambient doom-rockers Aseethe returning to The Stank from Dubuque, Iowa for their second time.  If the previous time is any indication, you will not want to miss this!  Joining them are local punk veterans Atrocity Solution and Lasting Impression.  Atrocity Solution is fresh out of the studio with new demo tracks and playing their first show in several months as well as their first time at The Stank. If you haven’t ever seen Atrocity Solution, and you’re from Wisconsin, really you should come out from under your rock and get to this show. They’ve been on more national tours than most bands central Wisconsin has produced, and they’ve recorded with the drummer from fucking Choking Victim (!!!!)  Lasting Impression from La Crosse rounds off the lineup with some righteous hardcore, heartlands-style.

Last of all we have a pretty encompassing list (including acts like Short Walk, The Blue Letter [VA], The Analyst [IN], Nature Boys [MO] and Arms Aloft) laying out The Stank’s, along with a few other shows at fine Wausau establishments.  As we said in the first post, Wausau’s underground is breathing and it’s all thanks to the few creative individuals who have joined together to bring killer music to you as often as possible.  We’re looking forward to seeing all of you at these shows, more details announced individually as the shows come up.

-Ti Leu & Ben San

Sunday, Feb. 26th // Orwell, Poney, Speaker Eater – Live Tracks and More!

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In celebration of our 1,000th page view, we are starting a new series of audio recordings taken from the shows hosted here.  It took me a solid four days to get to it, but I finally figured out how to stream audio on here.  This post features tracks from Orwell, Poney, and Speaker Eater who all played The Stank this past Sunday, February 26th. Sit back and enjoy!



Speaker Eater

March and April calendar getting close to finished, dates posted soon.

-Ti Leu

cowgirl, yes

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